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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Termsand Conditions is important and affects your legal rights, so please read them andother terms carefully.

Thisterms andConditions will apply when you are browsing/using this website, purchasing ourproduct(s) or service(s). By using this webpage or any part of it, you agreethat you have read these terms and conditions and accept and agree to be boundby these terms and conditions.

General terms

We will endeavour to provide the latest information and prices of thegoods, as well as the availability of the stock, and reserve the right tochange the price of the goods without prior notice. If any goods are notavailable to customers due to shortage of goods, the company has the right torefuse to accept the order or to provide goods of the same kind and price forreplacement. If we are unable to provide any products or services on yourorder, we will notify you by phone, email or WhatsApp.

Shopping terms

Thevalue of all goods is shown in Hong Kong dollars and the final value is basedon the value shown at the time when the order is made. The Company will not beliable for any payment failure made by bank transfer (e.g. : PayMe, PayPal,VISA or MasterCard) when ordering goods, and the bank or third party traderwill handle and responsible for the failure of the credit card transactionchannel.

Wewill provide services based on the information provided by the customer. Thecompany is not responsible for any incorrect information provided by thecustomer or for any order that is beyond the control of the company. Thecompany retains the ownership of the goods until the goods are delivered to thecustomer, but the company is not responsible for any losses caused byadditional customer requirements. The customer should keep the receipt of thepurchase as a record and handle the return procedure.

Inthe event that the services required by you are not accurately provided due tonatural disasters, fires, floods, accidents, government policies, strikes orany circumstances beyond the control of the company, the company will not beliable to the user or any third party.

Ifyou are not suitable for the use of this product, or cause skin allergies afterusing this product, the company does not assume any responsibility and does notreturn. To avoid this, please contact us before placingyour order.

Related Processing.

Ifwe are unable to accept your order due to unexpected circumstance, we wouldinform you with phone call, WhatsApp, or Email as soon as possible. You can change the order contents or apply for a refund. Please forgive me forany inconvenience caused.

Ifthe package is returned due to the recipient's data providing incorrectinformation, the recipient is unable to receive the goods, or the recipient'saddress is not signed, the recipient will have to replenish the shipping costfor the re-shipping.

About receiving the wrong item

Ifyou have received item(s) that isn’t included in your order list, please notifyus as soon as possible.

Aboutpromotional event

The company may provide promotional activities andparticipants must agree to the terms to participate.

Privacyprotection policy

The company will provide necessary information tothe logistics for distribution or contact.

The information provided by the user will only beused for internal communication and will not be provided to third parties forcommercial use.


Information about the company may be protected byintellectual property laws (including but not limited to legislation protectingcopyright). The company's trademarks, designs, materials, texts, graphics,images, sounds, images and other intellectual property rights are the assets ofthe company, or have been duly authorized by the copyright owner, all rightsreserved. The user may infringe the above laws or rights if the user uploads,downloads, copies, transmits, publishes, posts, stores or otherwise publiclypresents, performs, sends or otherwise uses any commercial purpose without theconsent of the company. Information will not be made available to third partiesfor commercial use.


Thecompany reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.

Incase of any dispute, the company reserves the final decision.